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Our Guarantee is success.

A bold statement to make...







We are the premier tutoring company. We offer tangible and achievable change. Through our  1-1 lessons we will cater to each learner's needs, style of learning and ability. Tutor or student, we always guarantee success. 


Premier private University tutoring across all major South African Universities


High Intensity Interval Training from the comfort of your own home. 


Learn your way around the kitchen & how to fuel your body on a budget!


Expand your network, knowledge and life skills to survive the real world 

Numbers Don't Lie...

And Counting!

But don't take it from us

Have a look at our testimonials below...


 " Unlock have always gone over and above my expectations in order to ensure that I succeed more than I had previously envisioned "


At Unlock they personally create value and purpose for each tutor. They focus on ensuring that both tutor and student benefit and grow "


" I just wished that I had booked a Lesson sooner "

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How do I book a session?

You simply sign up by clicking the student button above, go to the Our Course Page and Select the your university and then the course you would like to do and click "Book Now" and then follow the prompts.

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How far in advance do I need to book & can I cancel?

You need to book at least a day and a half (36 Hours) in advance and you may cancel your session, you can refer to the cancellation policy when booking for more info. 

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How do I pay for my lesson? 

Payment is super easy, you simply fill in the required lesson details, and click the "Pay Now" button , follow the prompts and pay in which ever way is best for you. Once payment is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with your lesson Zoom Link. 

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What are the requirements to become a tutor?

To become a tutor please click the Tutor Button above and fill in the We're Hiring Form. Tutors are only eligible to teach modules in which they received a final mark over 75%  and have above par banter. 

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