Premiere university workshops aimed at bridging the gap between student and university  as well as university and the workplace. 





Bring the coursework to life by applying the theory to a real life company and an accompanying talk from an industry expert.


 Get rid of the night before cramming and develop a core understanding through our more regular sessions. Let us keep you up to date.


Step away from the boring white walls of a traditional classroom and into a fast pace and exciting environment.


Receive a integrated notepack, comprising of theory, examples, questions, study skils and so so much more.


Be instructed by a tutor that not only recieved above 75%, but also has received extensive training on how to take Unlock's disruptive's approach to learning

Did we mention the free coffee? 

An Open Letter to Maties Students


From the fields of the Danie Craven to the upstairs of De Lapa. We believe student life is there to be lived, each day to be seized. Why miss that Res dance, friend's birthday or even just let your coursework get in the way of chasing down some other goals?

We got varsity on lock. Unlock your tomorrow, today!

A Late night DM to UCT Students


Let's be honest here, between the tidal pools, markets, hikes and the odd underground techno event - there is too much good happening not to get stuck in. What's holding you back from finally taking that skeleton's gorge hike or going for drinks at Gorgeous George?  

We got the coursework. Unlock your tomorrow, today!

Numbers Don't Lie...

And Counting!


Tutor Review

“Working as an Unlock tutor has been such an enjoyable experience. It's so great working for a company that is so flexible  and easy going as well as working with such a fun team !”​


—  Jemma Thomson

     Stellies Tutor

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How far in advance do I need to book & can I cancel?

You need to book at least a dayin advance and you may cancel your session, you can refer to the cancellation policy when booking for more info. 

Still confused? tutors.unlock@gmail.com

What are the requirements to become a tutor?

To become a tutor please click the 'Become a Tutor'  Button above and fill in the We're Hiring Form. The specific requirements to become a tutor will be indicated on that specific page. 

Still confused? tutors.unlock@gmail.com

How do I book a seat at the Workshop?

Sign up for a workshop by clicking the Stellies or UCT button above and select your respective year of study. Choose the module you are interested in booking, select the topic you wish to cover and join us for the session on the date as indicated. 

Still confused? tutors.unlock@gmail.com

How do I pay for my lesson? 

Payment can be made through our online payment provider. Upon clicking book now you will be redirected and can simply follow the steps as indicated. 

Still confused? tutors.unlock@gmail.com


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