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They say first impressions count ;)

Daniel, 21

3rd Year, BAcc

Likely to be found with a C-Lite in one hand and an IFRS book in the other. Famous for taking his first A3 to watch the Boks run out and win the World Cup.

Jemma, 20

3rd Year, BAcc

It's accrual world so I'll help you to be audit you can be.

Jess, 20

3rd Year, BSc

They said getting 100% for a module was unheard of, guess not ;)

Dan, 22

BAcc Honors

Just a BAcc boy standing in front of a BAcc student, trying to help them not have a breakdown

Annie, 20

3rd Year, PPE

Wrote on the Monday after We Love Summer. A much greater obstacle than some global pandemic!

Rachel, 22

4th Year, BEng

I would try to be funny for this bio but I’m an engineer

Lexi, 19

2nd Year, BAcc

Covid is temporary, the drip is forever.

Tom, 21

3rd Year, BA Law

I'm back

Luke, 21

3rd Year, BAcc

Went one on one against Jordan the bouncer and lived to tell the tale. still scared of an IFRS ?

Fran, 21

3rd Year, PPE

If the writing lab kept it PPErsonal. Telling you the write things to say.

Meg, 20

3rd Year, Bcom Ac Sci

Actuarial Science student, sometimes spotted in the Bib between coffee breaks.

Lauren, 21

3rd Year, BAccLlb

The pathway to success is found at the bottom of the 42nd coffee cup

Ryan, 21

BAcc Honors

Loves long walks on the beach. By the beach I mean the De Lapa Stairs and by walks I mean falls.

Kelsey, 21

3rd Year, BA

Some might say I have a triple major... Psych, Sociology and Wine..But seriously I love my degree (and my third major) and I would love to show you how you can be the winning team in Japooli, a fan of the wine farms and get a few distinctions here and there!

Coral, 20

3rd Year, BSc Physio

Mastered the art of running away from my problems, & I can help you do it too ;)

Grace, 21

Bcom (Hons) Economics

I love economics, probably too could even say it's my go-to conversation topic.

Luke, 22

3rd Year, BSc

Just a BSc boy looking for a lab partner. Promise to keep things strictly practical.

Meg, 20

3rd Year, PPE

Quadruple major in Politics, Philosophy, Economics and the Shmut. All about the balance.

Bianca, 21

3rd Year, BSc

Micros? Biochem ? Hotel? Trivago.

Dom, 20

3rd Year, PPE

uuuuuuh... I love my degree, jolling (maybe a bit too much), and my wine!! At least one of them will be useful if I become a tutor :/

Dan, 21

4th Year, BEng

Wannabe hard hat wearer and AP plumber

Sophia, 20

3rd Year, BA Film Production

A disciplined creative looking gain experience through content creation

Erin, 21

Certified personal trainer

Founder of the “burn with Erin program”. Moved to NYC to learn from the best trainers and have now found my way to Cape Town.and physically

Han, 20

3rd Year, BA Socio Informatics

The kinda person with the confidence to walk into a class 5 mins late with MyBrew in hand

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