Daniel Francis, 21

Howzit guys,

My name is Daniel and I am a 3rd year BAcc student. To survive as a BAcc student you are going to have to work consistently and work smart. If we are being honest with ourselves though, working consistently is not always achievable- especially when De Laps and Happy Oak are constantly calling your name as a Stellies student ;) However, working smart is always possible and that's what i am going to set out to teach you. We all know that being a BAcc student comes with significant time pressures (especially during BAcc week) and if you haven't worked consistently you can find yourself in a bit of a trouble and it is in these moments where working smart will get you to that mark you want to achieve. So if you are looking for the secrets of the dark arts in coasting your way through the BAcc course, swipe right and we'll get to it straight away!



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