Merrick, 20

Hi there, I'm Merrick!

Firstly, well done for reaching out for academic assistance - it is a sign that you are serious about your degree and would like to perform to the best of your potential. So often we can feel overwhelmed and despondent when the work starts to pile up and it seems like you just can't wrap your head around it. The learning process can be made so much easier and more efficient when working with somebody who has seen the work before and can relate it to a student encountering the material for the first time.

Let's face it, no matter how many academic accolades you received at school, the Faculty of Engineering can and will make everyone feel a bit stupid from time to time. The volume and complexity of work is constantly escalating and sometimes it can feel as if it's you versus every lecturer, teaching assistant and Prof Wim himself. You are not alone! Being all too familiar with the above situation, I would like to assist you in overcoming the academic challenges which you are currently battling using some of the methods which have worked for me thus far in my degree. As you may already know, passing certain modules has less to do with the module content itself and more to do with the strategies and techniques for answering certain questions and smart preparation for assessments. With this in mind, I hope that I can share with you some of the methods which I have found extremely useful in the modules which I have completed and in doing so, aid you in achieving that PASS!



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