Coral Holden

Hey, I'm Coz :) I am a third year physiotherapy student and a little obsessed with exercise on the side. I've raced two half Ironman's thus far, I'm in UCT 1st Team Cycling and I love movement and challenging myself in the gym. If I had to restart my journey, however, I'd do it very differently. There are definitely more efficient ways of getting fitter and stronger, and there's definitely ways to prevent what seem to be 'inevitable' injuries. 'Working smart, not hard' definitely applies to exercise too. I'd love to help others train better whilst staying pain-free, with the knowledge I've attained both through my own strength and fitness journeys, as well as learnt from my triathlon coaches and through my degree. Whether you need advice on training or a training program for a specific goal, or even if you have a niggle that you want to learn how to self-manage. Local and proximal stability is a key aspect in physiotherapy treatment and improving it will help prevent as well as treat injury, and therefore keep you on top of your game. So, in a nutshell, I'm here to help you align yourself to achieve your potential, whether that be being a beast in the gym, a triathlete, looking absolutely fire on the De lapa dance floor or being back-pain free after sitting the whole day for online lectures - because varsity should only be a pain in the neck ;)



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