Han Mitchell, 20

Hi guys! I'm Hannah, studying a BA Socio Informatics. I've been through the wringer of changing degrees and modules, and finding a passion for your work is in part, understandably, through *actually understanding* what you're studying. I know that for a BA student or even a BCom student understanding how to code might be flipping terrifying, but I promise you it's definitely less confusing than it seems. You just need a pretty good tutor (like my humble self) who can take you through the basics according to the syllabus, not just some random youtube vids.

The beauty of having both commerce and arts subjects is that I also understand your struggle in figuring out wtf Prof Painter is going to include in the psych exam and the technical aspects of writing those insane psych essays. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it - let me help ya! :)



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