Meg Van Der Ruit

Hi guys, I’m Meg and I’m studying Actuarial Science. I’m very keen to help out with any Actuarial Science subjects, but my degree is a BCom so I can also help out with Financial Accounting (188), Maths, Business Management, Probability Theory and Statistics, and Mathematical Statistics.
I’ve been where you are and know how overwhelming Actuarial Science may seem, but with the right guidance, positive feedback, and enough practice, this degree really is doable. Through my years of studying, I have picked up on some of the best (and worst) ways to get through modules and I would love to share it all with you to help you through. I find that especially with the more mathematical modules, a solid understanding of the underlying theory is what it takes to tackle the tougher questions, so I will focus on helping you understand the concepts first and then move onto lots of practice. I can also give you tips about what types of questions will be asked and how to manage time during stressful exams.



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