A group of students for students 

During these tough times, we hope to band together to deliver a quality service to students at an affordable rate. Our Tutors are hand picked and are only eligible to tutor subjects in which a final mark above 75% was achieved. This site was created by two students, thus understands the needs of our fellow students. We hope to work together with our students to create a network of the top tutors in order to create positive and sustainable change. 



And so so much more...

At UNLOCK we strive to ensure that each and every one of our students are given the best tutoring possible. Our aim is to create a space and platform , that students and tutors will feel comfortable and cared for. 

As students ourselves we know the struggle of difficult coursework and the search for adequate help. As a result of this we prioritise the student/ tutor relationship, to make sure that our students receive principal academic help from premier tutors while at the same time providing a mentor and friend to go to above and beyond what was previously expected. 





Each UNLOCK tutor is a leading student in their respective course. They have been at the optimal level of academic excellence since High School and are prime candidates to tutor our students



At UNLOCK we would like to encourage mentorship throughout the company. We encourage each tutor to act as a mentor and leader to their students. To make the extra effort above the academia to mentor and guide their students.



We as students, completely understand the need for a community and a sense of belonging. We at UNLOCK want to build a community where students can come to learn, and tutors can come to teach. We want to build meaningful and long lasting friendships that inspire our tutors and students to be better.



Most tutoring sites and platforms have an element of formality that may be daunting and unwelcoming to students and tutors. However, here at UNLOCK ,we have found the perfect balance between work and play. Our site is quirky yet formal, our tutors are fun yet intelligent and most of all our goals are focused yet attainable. 

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We believe that every student , no matter their financial situation deserves the right to adequate academic assistance. Therefore, we would like to appeal to students receiving financial help or those who are in need of assistance, to reach out to us and we will be able to offer discounted lessons to allow you to get the help you need. 



THE coffee spot of Stellies, Since 2015 MyBrew has been supplying students with a delicious daily dose of caffeine. As coffee is an integral part of any university student's life we thought it was fitting that UNLOCK and MyBrew can help out to make studying that little bit better. We share a common vision in the importance of students and their studies and we both aim to celebrate all that students are and all that they can do.

Freddie the owner and founder of the My Brew Coffee Roastery franchise always says: “There is only one thing better than our cup of coffee, and that is the next one.”

Our Partners

UNLOCK has sought after top brands that not only enhance but improve the experience our students and tutors have with regard to university life. Our goal is to make sure that we offer an all inclusive learning environment, even down to helping you choose between a Cortado or a latte. Our solution to learning is and will continue being completely future proof by allowing our users to store their notes on the cloud and have access to learning at all times.


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RocketBook is a leader in the Edu-tech field. They have provided the opportunity to put all your notebooks into one, while including a complete integration to the cloud. RocketBook allows for students to never lose a note and always have a pen and paper around. With it's ultra smart integration students are able to easily sort and organise their notes by subject and class onto their preferred platform. At UNLOCK we believe in Futureproof learning and our partnership with RocketBook allows that belief to materialise for each of our students and tutors

the men behind save & shoof


What started as a casual conversation about how crazy it is that lockdown has basically put universities and the world on pause , ended up being the first step in creating UNLOCK. Friends from years before, Luke Tollman and Elijah Greenhill, had always had a keen interest in innovating, inspiring and giving back. This site and platform is a result of countless hours of work and effort to make sure that each and every person that comes across UNLOCK has the best experience possible. 

Luke is an Accounting student from Stellies , and Lije has been studying overseas for the past 2 years and is now studying Computer Science at Wits. The fusion of the 2 minds lead to something great. A beautiful, innovative and genuine platform to help those get the academic help they need. 

UNLOCK Tomorrow, Today.