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Moneyball Case Study

In the film Moneyball. Billy Beane the general manager of the Oakland A’s adopted a statistics based approach to baseball, which was coined moneyball. He recognised the problem - smaller, poorer clubs couldn’t afford to pay the heavy wages required to keep star players. The norm in this regard was to search for the next best player to replace this lost star.

But, why replace the irreplaceable? Why are stuck in a cycle of ‘this is the way it’s always been done’?

Billy challenged this norm and instead sought to replace the lost star in aggregate by numerous other players.

Key learning - no individual is stronger than a team.

However, the coach at that time failed to evolve his thinking to play the team as it was meant to be played. He was doing what years of experience had taught him and what all coaches before him would have advised.

He was preventing innovation and growth.

McConaughey states, ‘don’t half ass it. It doesn’t matter what we do, just don’t half ass it.’

In order for Billy Beane to truly see whether this revolutionary idea was a home run, he had to risk everything. By making certain transfers the coach was forced to play the team as it was meant to be played. But, in doing so would have made unexplainable decisions. Decisions with serious repercussions.

How can we create the future, when we still have one foot in the past? Hanging onto what was doesn’t serve us, it hinders us.

Billy recognised this. He was all in.

Mike Krog of McDonalds took out a mortgage on his home to finance his very first McDonald’s branch. He risked everything. He was all in.

If we’re going to do something no one’s ever done - we have to believe in this crazy idea we have. Enough to risk it all, to be willing to make unexplainable decisions and to not care what anyone else thinks of it. If you don’t believe in your idea that much, why would anyone else?

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always going to work out. But, you’ll never know what ‘could of’ and ‘would of’ might have been if you half ass it.

Be bold enough to be different, fierce enough to stand out from the crowd. Be all in.