Alright Alright Alright

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the book, Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey and slowly but surely learnt that it’s better to jump than it is to fall.

Arriving at Stellenbosch I was a boy that had never left the safety net of his home and couldn’t tell the difference between depreciation and amortisation. I was far from failing, but falling nonetheless.

Upon the implementation of the national lockdown, without my acknowledgement or consent, I began to jump. I was ready to graduate and take the ‘I would if I could to’ and turn that into an ‘I can and I am. But, why wait to graduate? Why do we put off the realisation of our goals and shove our dreams into a box labelled, someday?

And so Unlock Tutors was born.

While starting as a simple tutoring company, for myself and others it has become a metaphor for what students can achieve when given the opportunity and belief in themselves.

It allowed me to practically apply the course work I was learning. While I previously believed this additional workload would cause my marks to plummet, the opposite began to occur. My marks began to increase by as much as 10%. This allowed me to graduate with 3 distinctions and finish in the top 15% of my degree.

I pose the question again, why do we wait to start living our dream?