Growing Pains

Becoming the young professional is an incremental process, a rollercoaster of sorts that over time will stretch your limits and force you out into the unknown. This process of self growth is inevitably a decision that one must make, to seek these boundaries. Boundaries that are up there, above you - and that you can’t be sure you’ll always reach.

Why bother if we might miss? 🤷‍♀️

Because if you don’t reach for them it is certain you will never feel that your life has any meaning. Your dreams will remain dreams and your future will be carved out by circumstance and not design.

Upon Steve Job’s rise back into control as CEO of Apple, he states, ‘Life becomes really interesting the day that you realise the world is run by people no smarter than you.’ His re-entrance into Apple was no accident, it was not fate - it was a result of his actions and a little situational luck.

Now this isn’t true just for Steve Jobs, in all triumph stories - the hero has to go into the unknown, into an unexplored territory and deal with a great new challenge.

In the process, something of him must die so he can be reborn and meet the challenge. The unconfident student that’s unsure of their ability, fearing of failure and holding of the belief that they are too young and inexperienced to make a difference - must too die. And the young professional must be born, to rise to the occasion. 🎈

Jordan Peterson, in his book 12 rules for life, states that ‘If one wants to build - one must first set their own house in order’ and that only then can one sensibly aim to take on bigger responsibilities.

And so with that I pose the challenge to each of us to set our respective bases, take responsibility for our own trajectory and unlock our own tomorrow’s, today!