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I’m Luke and I am a third year Accounting student but hopefully in time you’ll realise that there’s a little more to me than that…

While it may be hard hitting to admit one’s passion lies between the pages of an Auditing fundamentals, I find the principles of business and the game that is money thrilling, yet rewarding. As a result, I have taken a practical approach to learning, trying to incorporate real life examples to bring the theory to life. Consequently, I found myself basically paying rent for the unordinary amount of time spent in the SS. However, as a result, I completed just about every question in those endless packs and if I may so myself, made some unreal notes. I’d be most happy to share the key principles from all of these questions, as well as the notes with you, in an attempt to get you out the study centre and into town a little quicker.

I believe in balance and that there’s a time for everything. It's safe to say that I played hard but worked just as hard and as result achieved above an 80% average for both my first and second years.

Don’t let Bus Man ruin your Boy Day, make a positive change ToDay!


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