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Workshops, Unlocked 

Here is your in depth look into Unlock's revolutionary learning approach

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Welcome to Workshops, Unlocked.

Now for the past decade, tutoring, crash courses, workshops and group sessions have followed the same process: Sign up on a boring website, receive a boring note pack, attend a boring session, in a boring venue and after all that boredom you go home so bored that you forgot to retain any important information and have ended up doodling a lion on a boat with strawberries for eyes!

At Unlock our goal is to ensure that
every student’s free time is completely free! Free of stress, free of deadlines, assignments, lectures, tutorials, and all the other things that ruin our free time. We celebrate students for all that they are and all that they can be – so your free time should be filled with learning new skills, hanging out with friends, going on adventures, or even just snuggling up with some Netflix and massive bag of Flings for the ultimate chill!


Work Smart.
Play Hard.

How does it work?

Well, our Workshops promote a Work Smart, Play Hard attitude that encourages effective and consistent learning to keep you up to date, so you can do all the amazing things mentioned above!

We are doing away with panic learning, last minute crash courses and lack of understanding and replacing it with effective, smart, and consistent work. Our Workshops span over the entirety of the semester to make sure that from day one, our students understand the work they are being taught.
A workshop will take place every 2 weeks covering the previous 2 weeks of work. These workshops will be complimented with “Recon Sessions” just before any big tests, assignments, or exams.


Our workshops take place at Coffee Shops (after hours). Over the past year we noticed a huge uptake in the choice of a coffee shop as an effective workspace, we saw that the coffee shop setting not only allowed for effective work but became a great place for students to have a break in between studies as well.

Each venue is fully equipped with all the relative learning equipment. From white boards to projectors and appropriate seating layouts we have thought of it all!


Oh, and who doesn’t love a free cup of coffee while studying just to top it all off!

Note Pack

The Workshops, Unlocked note pack is a marvel in and of itself!


Each Note Pack has been carefully curated alongside a study skill and learning expert to ensure that the content is so more than just words on a page.


We have gone above and beyond to include In-depth Theory, Questions with worked answers, Practical Application and Expert Tips as well as an abundance of effective study tips and skills, links to great study playlists and inspirational videos, some awesome websites to help you study better and finally a small gift from Unlock in the form of a coupon for one of our many student centric partners.

Dress Code

At Unlock we fully believe in the “Look Good, Feel-Good" culture, while not compulsory we encourage each Unlock Student to come to the workshop looking their best with our semi formal dress code (and who knows there may even be a surprise for the best dressed).

We are looking to create a community of amazing students and assist them on their journeys into becoming young professionals.

So, what goes down at an Unlock Workshop and how are we different to before?

We want to ensure that each student leaves our workshops with the maximum amount of value possible, we have implemented some key strategies to execute this:

Expert Insight

On top of including some great links and insights from experts in our Note Pack – We have seen that practical application provides a HUGE benefit to understanding complex concepts.


Each of our workshops are themed around a specific company and the relevant subject’s application within that company. All examples will try to incorporate a “real life” element to bridge the gap between the textbook and the real world.


We have also put together a fantastic list of industry leading guest speakers, who will present a short insight into the content being taught at each workshop.


We encourage dialogue, interaction, and collaboration between all students at our workshop. We want our workshop space to be seen as a gateway to meeting new people, discussing new ideas, hearing different opinions, and finally gaining valuable insight into the subject at hand.

During each break session light music is played in the background and our students are encouraged to stand up, stretch out, grab a snack as well as interact with other students, to create an
effective disconnect from the academic part of the session

Unlock Quality

Each and every element of the Unlock experience promises the highest quality. Our Workshop instructors are top performers in the relevant course. They have gone through various interviews and training sessions to ensure that are the absolutely ready to teach a workshop that is up to the high Unlock standard.


We pride ourselves on ensuring that everything we do keeps our students in mind and in turn we are able to offer a completely premier student experience.


Unlock Community
Post Workshop Service

We celebrate each and every student and by doing so we have begun building a community of intelligent, opportunistic, goal driven students who know how to play hard as well! To us our students are substantially more than just another transaction. We are building an eco-system of effective work, immense fun, and great people.


By purchasing a ticket to an Unlock Workshop you gain access to the full Unlock experience which extends a lot further than the end of the workshop session. This experience includes access to your instructor for questions and explanations on an exclusive WhatsApp Group, access to all Unlock partner discounts and promotions, discounts and specials from different restaurants and bars for you and your friends to celebrating completing your tests or exams and finally preferential access to all Unlock Lifestyle Events, Parties, and guest speakers.

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